We have compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions, however as the policy changes on a regular basis, we recommend that you contact us for an up-to-date assessment.

My application has been declined. What can I do?

Things may not be as bad as they may seem. We specialise in appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal, applications to the Minister of Immigration for a Special Direction, lodgement of complaints with the Office of the Ombudsmen and applications for Judicial Review in the High Court.

How can I study in New Zealand?

New Zealand has a large number of universities, polytechnics and private training institutes. If you are planning on studying for 3 months or longer you will require a student visa and you must complete your enrolment before you can apply for a student visa. Depending on the type of course that you enrol in, you may be able to work for up to 20 hours per week during your studies.

I want to apply for a visitor’s visa. How long can I stay in New Zealand?

If you want to come to New Zealand for holidaying, sightseeing, visiting friends and family or business consultations you may be issued a visitor’s visa for up to 9 months in any 18 month period. An additional 3 months may be available in some instances.

I want to work in New Zealand. How can I get a work visa?

You must have a job offer in an occupation that is in demand or a job offer from an employer who has been unable to fill the position locally despite advertising. You will need to prove that you are suitably qualified or experienced for the job you have been offered.

If you are a student who has completed a qualification in New Zealand you may be issued with a work visa to help you find a job offer and to obtain experience relevant to your qualification.

You may qualify for a work visa allowing you to work for any employer if you are either married to a New Zealand citizen or resident or living in a de facto relationship with a New Zealand citizen or resident.

I have significant funds and assets. Will this help me get residence?

If you have over $1.5 million dollars you may qualify as an investor. Currently there are 2 investor categories and the amount of the required investment, business experience and age requirements are different for each.

Can I start up my own business in New Zealand?

If you have previously operated your own business or worked at management level you may be able to start up your own business in New Zealand. You will need to be able to show that you have the funds available to not only buy or start up your business, but also to support yourself for the duration of the visa. You will also need to provide a business plan and meet a minimum standard of English.