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If you are buying, selling, financing or structuring a business then we can assist you. With VHP working to protect your commercial interests you can get down to business.

We offer practical guidance and solutions to prepare and protect your interests. We can negotiate on your behalf or outline the options and identify appropriate courses of action


Business Sale & Purchase

We prepare and review sale & purchase agreements, and guide you through due diligence to settlement. We also prepare and offer advice on franchise agreements.

Commercial Finance

We assess finance agreements and highlight possible problems.

Company Formations & Structures

Forming a company is not as easy as you might expect. Shareholders agreements, the appointment and removal of directors, and the rights and obligations of shareholders all require careful consideration.

Commercial Property Sale & Purchase

We assess sale and purchase agreements, review leases, assist with due diligence and offer advice on clauses to deal with potential problems. We handle the transfer of property and any issues that arise before and after settlement.


We can draft leases, advise on the terms that are on offer, and prepare the documents to take an assignment or surrender of an existing lease. Personal guarantees are often a requirement of leases on which we can advise.


We can advise on the formation of partnerships and drafting of partnership agreements, as well as offering advice on solving problems within a partnership.


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